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Let's blow away the corona with the power of music

With 100 music college students from all over the world



Remote orchestra

Members Wanted!


~ To all music college students ~

Due to the influence of the new coronavirus, graduation ceremonies are being canceled one after another,

This project started with the idea that something could be done for graduates.

In this difficult time, united with the music college students in the world,

"Pomp and Circumstance" used as an admission song for graduation ceremonies around the world

Would you like to deliver it to the graduates?

Plan details / details


Project name

[Pomp and Circumstance] Elgar composition by 100 music college students from all over the world



From January: Recruitment of members, distribution of sheet music, start of practice
Early February: Guided performance distribution by Syu Katayama (piano) (* Scheduled for February 12)

March 3: Deadline for performance submission , video editing started
March 13
(Sat): Scheduled to be released on YouTube

Schedule undecided: Performer zoom exchange meeting (free participation)


Sheet music used

You can download it from the following URL.


Shooting method

Please play the guide performance scheduled to be distributed in early February while listening to it with earphones, etc., and shoot it on the vertical screen (16: 9) of your smartphone. * Changed to specify vertical and horizontal for each instrument.

If you use a recorder to record sound and video separately, please do the editing work to match them. Please contact us if it is difficult.

How to send shooting data

  When the shooting is completed, please send the URL of the shooting data. You can send it by Google drive or Gigafile.


How to send by Google drive

How to send by Gigafile flight

About the names of performers and the names of universities they belong to

We would like to introduce the names of everyone who will appear in the video and the name of the university to which they belong in the video summary section. If you wish to remain anonymous, please tell us your pen name before the video is released. * We may not be able to respond after the video is released.

In addition, if you would like to post an advertising URL such as a homepage or SNS in the video summary column, we will limit it to each person.


If you have any questions, please feel free to ask the person in charge.

We sincerely look forward to your participation! Nice to meet you.

Planning representative

Hiroki Suetsugu, Hidezumi Tanaka, Kentaro Yamamoto

Participation request / inquiry


* For those who participate

Subject: Pomp and Circumstance

① Your name

② Affiliated university name

③ Hope part

Please send by email.

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