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"Piano club"

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What is the "piano club"?

In order for more people to know the depth of the piano instrument and the fun of classical music, we aimed to create a completely new learning material that allows you to easily and firmly learn the piano! It's an online piano class!

We hope that you can refer to it as a plus alpha teaching material for those who have not learned the piano, as well as for those who have already learned it, and as one of the teaching examples for the teacher.


・ Price: 1000 yen per month


・ July Theme List Ai no Yume No. 3

・ August theme Chopin Etude Op.25-11 "Kogarashi"

・ September theme Chopin Prelude Op.28-15 "Ame-dare"

・ October Theme Chopin Waltz Op.64-1 "Puppy Waltz"

* Recruitment of "piano club" ambassadors!

~ You can use the piano club for free ~

① Activity content

Disseminate the impressions of the piano club on SNS at least twice a month.


You can use the piano club (1,000 yen per month) free of charge.

③ Recruitment details

Recruitment period: Ends as soon as the number of recruitment is reached

Number of applicants: 5 (regardless of age, gender, occupation)

Recruitment method: Please contact the email address listed at the bottom of the page or DM on Twitter.

Term of office: 3 months from inauguration

We look forward to your application!


Contact Us

Email: hidesumi .

Official Twitter: @RepertoryMatch

Official LINE: Repertoire Matching

Click here for free repertoire matching membership registration

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