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Halloween special project

"Everyone's Online Concert ♪ vol.2"

The video is now available!

Repertoire Matching YouTube Channel


What is "Everyone's Online Concert"?

Organizer: Repertoire Matching

Sponsor: Kobe / Motomachi Log and Kimura Design CARSA

Sponsored by: Mainichi Newspapers Hokkaido Branch, Yamaha Music Retaining Sapporo Store

It is an online concert using YouTube with no participation fee.

The main purpose is to provide performance opportunities to musicians who have lost the opportunity to perform publicly due to the influence of the coronavirus, and to deliver music to music fans who cannot go to the concert.

From beginners to professional musicians, please listen to everyone's performances!

Not only can you announce each other's performances and have fun, but as an award, you can like it on YouTube! We will post 3 videos each of the videos selected by the members of the repertoire matching on the official website of the repertoire matching for half a year, so it is a place to appeal to those who are performing. I hope it helps. We are also looking forward to the birth of a star from this concert!

​ This time, the second time, it's a special Halloween project, so if you can, I'd be happy if you could produce Halloween with clothes and interiors!

Participation privilege announcement!

All participants will be given the right to perform at the concert in the upcoming hall.

② A wonderful gift will be given to 6 people by lottery .


* One person from Kimura Design CARSA's popular product "Grand Piano Smartphone Stand", which is an original interior and woodwork product.



* Kimono specialty store for the 120th anniversary of its founding "Musical instrument pattern indigo dyed handkerchief" by Marutaya Motomachi, Kobe, 5 people





Being a repertoire matching member. (Registration is free)

・ Schedule

Recruitment: August 23, 2020 (Sun) -October 25, 2020 (Sun) → October 30 (Fri) has been extended.

Video release: Scheduled for Saturday, October 31, 2020 at 18:00

Awards: Results as of 18:00 on November 30, 2020 will be aggregated and announced as soon as possible.


・ About the contents of the video

① If possible, dress up and shoot (optional)

② Freedom of songs (regardless of genre such as classical, jazz, pop)

③ Freedom to organize musical instruments (solo, chamber music, brass band, orchestra, chorus, etc.)

④ Unlimited playing time

⑤ Remote ensemble (remote ensemble) is possible

⑥ Free shooting environment (at home, smartphone, etc.)

⑦ Videos taken in the past and published videos are also possible

・ About awards

Like on YouTube during the screening period (October 31, 2020 to November 30, 2020, 18:00)! Many videos and likes between repertoire matching members! We will post the top 3 videos from each of the most popular videos on the official website for half a year. (6 in total)


·Application method

Please send the performance video data to the repertoire matching email address (

The subject of the email should be "Minna no, Online Concert", and the text should be the following four items.

(1) Group name, (2) Representative name, (3) Work title, (4) What you want to write in the YouTube summary column (Example: We are working as a group of four! I will do my best! Advertising URL, etc.)


* Please send the video data by attaching a file or pasting a shared link on Google Drive.

* How to share videos on Google Drive is ↓

・ Copyright, etc.

Applicants are responsible for confirming and responding so as not to infringe copyrights, portrait rights, etc. when distributing on YouTube.


・ Q & A 

Q Is it possible to apply for the same person with different members?

A Yes, it is possible. You can also serve as a solo, an ensemble, or an ensemble with another person.

Q Is it possible to shoot with a smartphone?

A Yes, it is possible.

Q Is it possible to apply in casual clothes?

A Yes, it is possible. You are free to wear anything as part of the production.

Q Is it okay to play any instrument?

A Any musical instrument, such as an acoustic instrument or an electronic musical instrument, will do.

Q What should I do about the shooting location?

A It doesn't matter if you're in the studio, at home, or anywhere.

Q Is there a camera angle specified?

A Please direct freely.

Q Is it okay to edit?

A It doesn't matter. We will post the video you sent as it is.

Q Is it okay to take pictures in the past?

A It doesn't matter.



mail address

We sincerely look forward to your participation!​​

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